We use standard patient registration forms (demographics, insurance, financial and HIPAA) like most other offices.  All new patients need to complete these forms below before being seen.  (Return patients may be asked to resubmit them periodically as needed.)  Here are the forms in pdf format:

We ask that you print these forms and complete them in advance of your visit to our office.  You can fax them to us at 510-522-5372, email them to , or as a last resort bring them with you to your appointment.  If you fail to bring your forms completed and end up completing them at our office upon arrival you may have an extended wait time. The most vital part of the pre-registration process is the insurance coverage verification process.  It is critical that you provide our office with your current insurance information.  It is not always a quick process to verify coverage, and if we are unable to verify your coverage you may be asked to pay up front (and reimbursed if/when your insurance plan pays).  Getting your insurance information before your visit will mitigate this possible necessity.